Solar Powered Borehole

Our solar borehole comes with the following features/benefits:

  • Easy & low little or no maintenance
  • High life expectancy
  • Under- and over-voltage protection
  • Versatile applications – Agriculture, Livestock, Swimming Pools & Resorts, and Domestic use
  • Comes ON very early in the morning and remains productive until late evening
  • Can be sized to meet your water needs
  • Requires no electricity

    Water Supply

    Solar water pumping systems and solar borehole solutions are Photovoltaic Systems, that have energy efficient DC Surface Centrifugal pumps powered by the panels. The systems are typically used for providing potable water in the remotest of locations - all as part of a self-sustained power and delivery system.

    Community Centers

    Providing lighting through Solar systems enables community centers to hold scheduled meetings, conduct religious services and provide entertainment for the local community. Our lighting solutions can be customized to meet the specific needs of villages and communities across rural Nigeria.

    Basic Healthcare and Education

    Rural health centers can use Solar systems for lighting and critical refrigeration. Clinics across rural Nigeria still rely on poor lighting from lanterns. Introducing solar powered lights will enable clinics to serve patients through the evening and provide emergency power for critical healthcare needs. In addition, with solar lighting available, rural schools can extend teaching hours, well into the afternoon.

Digital Audio Video Conferencing System

Below is a list of sub-systems that allow for the integration of Digital, Audio and Visual Conferencing System.

- Conferencing, Translation and Voting System
- Chairman and Delegates units, microphone and speaker system (wired and wireless options)
- Interpretation system
- Voting system
- Audio VisualSystem
- Video wall
- Repeater screens
- Desk Pop-up monitors
- Cameras
- Room Audio system
- Video conferencing
- Recording system
- Local Area Network
- Live streaming system

Audio conference - Chairman and Delegates Units - Multiple selectable microphone modes - Effective microphone management with excellent sound quality - Attendance registration using IC card or mic button - 1 chairman unit and a number of Vice-chairman units can be used in a system- Chairman/vice-chairman units can be active at any time- Chairman unit can mute/override all active delegate units - Simultaneous active delegate microphones - Multiple voting types and options are available via software

- Video cameras can be supported to track the speaking delegate

- HDD and CD recording are allowed via PC/software

Conferencing Interpretation system consists of the interpretation software and hardware.Feature include- a monitoring section to monitor all languages- Ability to translate a number of languages simultaneously with a speak slow function
Conferencing Voting software is used to control voting system and features- Traditional voting modes like yes/no/abstain and for/against- Information gathering and testing: multiple choice, ranking by order of preference, opinion polling and more- Segment results analysis for individual results or group/team comparisons and contrasts- Game show-style shoot-outs, weighted voting, election results- voting results come with several graphical display options.

Solar Lighting Solutions

Solar Street Light Solutions

Solar street lights have been available for many years, having originally been designed for use in isolated areas within developed countries. The technology guiding the use of this Green Energy source has progressed significantly to enable projects to be feasible throughout the world. 

Street lights powered by solar energy can be simply and rapidly installed, giving the potential of many years of trustworthy use, with minimum maintenance required! Specifically, the advantages of Solar Street Light systems over traditional lighting systems are:  

- Reduced maintenance costs
- No line voltage , trenching or metering 
- Immune to power outages. 
- Bright long lasting LED 
- Battery back up availability for cloudy days 
- Requires no manpower to operate 
- No scheduled maintenance for up to five years

System Components

Our Solar Panels are framed panels that are produced using crystalline silicon solar cells under the highest levels of quality control and product standardization.

Light Emitting Diodes (LED's) are among the most energy efficient ways to provide light, and are fast becoming the standard across several civil and commercial lighting applications. Our advanced technology, Cobra Head LED's, deliver higher lumens (brightness intensity) than typical LED lighting solutions and are sourced from leading manufacturers in India.

Our Batteries  are dry cell, deep cycle, sealed maintenance free batteries , and are especially designed for solar applications. The batteries store and reproduce green and Eco-friendly energy, with no wastage – only the required energy is released.

A Charge Controller converts the energy from the sun into DC current and passes it to the SMF battery for storage. An automatic sensor puts the light on at dusk and puts it off at dawn. Our charge controllers come with different output ratings to charge single or multiple batteries with different currents.


CCTV, Inverters Batteries and More

With our CCTV technology, you can watch and monitor your home, business or office from anywhere in the world from an internet enabled device of your choice. Our pricing is quite affordable and reasonable.

We also deal in inverters and batteries of different sizes and capacities. Contact us today to get a quote.

 We also offer training programes in CCTV and Inverter installation and servicing. Get in touch today to commence a training program and be self employed.



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